Livingponds® Filters

Livingponds® Filters

The Livingponds® Filter is engineered to provide maximum biological filtration that is easy to maintain. The F100 and F200 include all the filter media you will need. F100 and F200 are designed with bottom drain capability allowing back-flush of the entire filter. The Springflo® will drop filtered debris out of the waste line. Cleaning the biological filter with pond water instead of chlorinated water saves existing colonized bacteria. Top inflow eliminates the need of restrictive, expensive check valves. Water is funneled into the bottom, creating a vortex that distributes oxygenated water throughout the filter media.

Operates at peak efficiency even when filter media is dirty • Significantly reduces maintenance • Round is Better: 30% of a square box filter is simply unused corner space • Injection-molded durable housing will not warp or crush • Easy to assemble, install, and maintain • Built in biological and mechanical filtration

F050 & F060 FILTER WEIR™

• Easily create an impressive waterfall
• Available with 16" or 31" waterfall weir
• Easily retrofit with existing ponds and pond free systems
• 2" slip-fit inlet (F050) made to accept 2" pipe
• 3" slip-fit inlet (F060) made to accept 3" pipe
• Includes 1 filter mat
• Add Bio Comb for additional filtration


• Biological and mechanical filtration for clean, clear water
• 31" filtering weir with 16" faceplate
• Pair with Compact Skimmerfilter and UV clarifier for total
filtration of ponds up to 1,200 gal
• Includes 2 filter mats, Bio Comb, and media filter bag
• 1.5" barb connection, designed to be used with 1.5" tubing
for increased filtration
• Can be plumbed from either side, includes 3" Inlet Plug to
seal opposite side


• Can be placed up to 10 ft away from pond
• Cylindrical design for maximum efficiency
• Low maintenance and easy to assemble
• Creates water vortex throughout filter media
• (2) 1.5" inlets
• (1) 2" female outlet

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