Discharge Kits & Bottom Drain Kits

Discharge Kits & Bottom Drain Kits

Pump Discharge Kits

All kits contain everything needed to attach the pump to the basin or skimmer. Save time and money by ordering along with your pump basin, waterfall well, or skimmer. No measuring or cutting required.

Savio discharge kits utilize Cam Locks for a professional, easy to use disconnect while installing or cleaning.

Anjon Bottom Drain Kits

All kits include bottom drain screen, bulkhead adapter, gate valve, MIPT elbow, MIPT SLIP, and SLIP adapter.

Kits 2 & 3 also include Freeze Flex tubing.

Aerating Bottom Drain

The EPDM 8-inch Aeration Disc pulls settled debris to the pond skimmer filter. Two rubber gaskets secure the liner when installing by pipe penetration. A  ³⁄₈" barb fitting for air hose connection with a 3" SCH40 fitting on the bottom for the drain. Multiple units may be installed for heavy load water features.

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