Profalls™ & Weir Stone Covers

Profalls™ & Weir Stone Covers




• ProFalls create an elegant waterfall for your feature

• Biological and mechanical filtration provides clean and clear water

  while promoting fish health
• Constructed of durable, UV resistant, high-impact plastic
• Low maintenance and long-lasting performance to create healthy ponds



• High-quality, lightweight, durable cover
• Perfect size for Savio F050 weir
• Natural camouflage in the shape of a real stone
• Chemically bonded color for superior UV fade resistance

F050 w/waterfall Livingponds® Filter (Shown with Stone Cover & Stone Lip)

How does it work? Take a look inside.

1. Water inlet without tube
2. Add a length of tubing to the water inlet
3. Inlet draws oxygen into the waterfall

Tip: Add Filter Media for enhanced filtration.

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