Pond Liner

Pond Liner

Building a water feature starts with choosing the proper liner for the job. Our large selection of fish safe offerings are sure to satisfy landscape contractors, water garden specialists, and pond installation experts. Our liner and underlayment products have proven performance, stellar reputation, convenient sizes, and hassle-free replacement.

Please be advised: Published price and availability may change due to fluctuations in liner cost and supply.

Choose the Right Pond Liner

What Size Liner Do I Need?

The formula for sizing a pond liner is simple.

Pond Length + (2 Times Depth) + 2' = Liner Length
Pond Width + (2 Times Depth) + 2' = Liner Width

So...if you want a finished pond 12' long and 7' wide and 3' deep then the liner size you need is:

12' + (2 x 3') + 2' Long
7' + (2 x 3') + 2' = 15' Wide

This basic formula will work for all pond shapes.

How Many Gallons is My Pond?

The formula for determining the number of gallons of water in a pond is also simple.

For Square and Rectangular Ponds
Length times Width times Depth times 7.5 = Gals

For Round Ponds:
Radius times Radius times 3.14 times 7.485 = Gals

The gallons in our sample pond (left) is:

112 x 7 x 2 x 7.485 = 1,260 Gals

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