Warranty Policy

Anjon Manufacturing Warranty Policy & Procedure (Dealers & Distributors)

You are authorized by Anjon to make warranty determinations on our behalf. Please use your best judgment in accordance with the Anjon Warranty Program listed below.

Anjon Manufacturing reserves the right to request the item to be returned for evaluation before credit is given. Anjon
Manufacturing reserves the right to repair or replace the item at our discretion. If a replacement pump is needed immediately, Anjon will send a replacement out at your standard cost, and once the pump is returned and determined to be defective, a credit will be issued. No exceptions.

  • All Anjon products carry a limited warranty.
  • All warranty claims are to be returned to the original place of purchase for inspection with proof of purchase.
  • Anjon will not extend warranty to the end user. It is the responsibility of our approved distributors to handle all warranties for product sold.
  • Shipping costs are not part of the product warranty.
  • Proof of purchase for pumps must include the pump serial number. If there is no proof of purchase, the date of the sale from Anjon will be used as the start date of the warranty.
  • The Warranty is for the original purchase and is non-transferable. In addition, the length of the warranty starts from the original purchase only and is not renewed upon repair or replacement. Warranty does not renew upon replacement.
  • Items not used in the proper application or that do not follow our recommended usage conditions will be subject to Anjon's discretion before warranty is given.
  • Anjon will not honor warranties for sellers found to be in violation of the Minimum Advertised Price Policy. (MAPP).
  • Warranty claims will be applied to the oldest invoice on record. No Exceptions.
  • Warranty Forms must be filled out completely before Anjon will process the claim. Distributors are responsible for confirming this is completed.

All Anjon Pumps carry a limited warranty. This limited warranty is extended solely to the original end purchaser, through their distributor, commencing from the date of the original purchase receipt and is void if any of the following apply, but not limited to:

  • The pump has been run while not fully submerged causing the thermal protection to trip. Skimmers using inadequate vertical filtration or pumps not in a skimmer may create "run dry" conditions.
  • The pump was not on a dedicated circuit. (All pumps must be operated on a dedicated circuit with a min. 15A GFCI)
  • The pump was run with an extension cord attached.
  • The cord has been cut or altered.
  • The pump has been misused or abused.
  • The serial number tag has been removed
  • The pump has been fully or partial disassembled not in accordance with Anjon’s recommendations

Warranty Process

Anjon utilizes an RMA program formatted to be streamlined and assist our distributors in completing the warranty process efficiently. This format in process, policy or procedure may change in the future in which case our distributors will be notified promptly of any change.

Warranty Parts and Service Policy

It is the sole responsibility of the distributor to troubleshoot the technical aspects of sold products. Products that are returned for warranty evaluation that are deemed functional will be returned to the distributor at the distributors cost. Items that are deemed functional through in-house maintenance will be charged a $25 service fee plus shipping back to the distributor. If a consumable part is required for maintenance, the distributor will be charged their standard cost for those parts. A minimum of 48 hours-notice will be required for any walk-in service requests.

Warranty Minimums

A minimum of (5) units is required to request an RMA number from Anjon for warranty evaluation. Anjon will NOT handle warranties directly with consumers or send a single replacement to a consumer free of charge (except under our 30-Day Hassle Free Warranty Program). If you do not have stock of an item that needs to be replaced to a consumer, you may purchase the item via drop ship and your credit will be issued on your next bulk warranty request.

30-Day Hassle Free Warranty Program

If a product is determined to be defective within 30-Days of purchase, Anjon will replace the item to the consumer, free of charge. A warranty application and proof of purchase are required before we will ship out a replacement. These items will be shipped via UPS Ground. If the customer would like to expedite shipping, the cost of shipping would need to be received prior to shipment. Under the 30-Day Hassle Free Warranty Program, distributors are still required to troubleshoot product issues with the consumer. Anjon reserves the right to recall products deemed defective by the distributor for evaluation. Items deemed in working condition will be shipped back to the distributor at their expense.

Failure to Follow Policy

If determined, at Anjon’s discretion, that a distributor has referred their customer directly to us for warranty or is not in compliance with other policy & procedure, Anjon reserves the right to fulfill a warranty to the consumer with all costs associated being charged to the distributor (product, freight, service fees, consumables, etc.). Multiple occurrences can result in Anjon halting all shipments.

DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstance will Anjon assume liability for any incidental, consequential, or special damages. Losses or expenses arising from the contract for this product, or in connection with the use of, or inability to use, our product for any purpose whatsoever.