Proper filtration is important to maintain a clear and healthy pond. The ecosystem of a pond includes the interactions of living and non-living organisms including fish, fish waste, uneaten food, plants, leaves, and other debris. Filtration can be mechanical, biological, or UV clarification. Mechanical filtration occurs within the skimmer by physically removing debris before it settles to the bottom of the pond. The skimmer protects the pump while allowing for easy access and less maintenance. Biological filtration provides surface area to support the growth of a beneficial bacteria colony. UV clarification occurs when water is passed through ultra-violet light for sterilization.

Filtration systems utilizing multiple methods help provide a healthy, beautiful, and low maintenance water feature.

Savio Skimmerfilter®

Savio Skimmerfilters® effectively trap surface debris from ponds and water gardens. Savio
Skimmerfilters® feature industry leading built-in UV clarification and excellent mechanical filtration
to remove floating debris.

Note: If you have the option, choose multiple skimmer filters over one larger skimmer filter.

UV Clarification

A safe, chemical-free solution for eliminating green water. UV clarifiers create a healthy and
clear pond environment for koi fish by eliminating free floating organic materials.

Livingponds® Filters

Livingponds Filters enhance water quality and pond aesthetics. These multifunctional units can
also help boost biological filtration, pond water movement, and aeration. Our waterfall weirs
are engineered and manufactured for durability.

Profalls™ & Weir Stone Covers

ProFalls create an elegant waterfall for your feature. Biological and mechanical filtration provides clean and clear water while promoting fish health. ProFalls are constructed of durable, UV-resistant, high-impact plastic, low maintenance, and boast long-lasting performance to create healthy ponds

Pressure Filters

Connected to a properly matched pond pump, pressure filters provide outstanding
biomechanical filtration, removing particulate matter as well as toxic ammonia and nitrite.
Water is driven into the filter and then cleaned as it passes through various filter medias.
Many pressure filters also include UV clarification, or the option to add UV clarification.

All-in-One Filtration

Fountain filter and pump kits offer effective aeration and circulation for small ponds. The
Completely Clear All-In-One Pump features a 525 gph pump, 9-Watt UV clarifier, and filter
media. Perfect for an entry level pond.

Filter Media

Filter media is essential for proper pond filtration and a healthy water garden environment.
Choose from our wide selection of filter media to maintain or enhance pond filtration.

GC Tek Filtration

Filtration systems for the koi enthusiast seeking a healthy pond environment. GC Tek features
two unique systems for high performance filtration with greater flow, less head pressure,
and less maintenance.

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